We are a leading energy company with strong roots in the energy sector. We handle a wide range of services in RES Project Development, EPC, Asset Management, O&M, always ensuring peak performance for your investment.

About us

ESC is a leading energy company offering a wide range of products and services in the RES market. We combine our long established experience in designing, constructing and operating renewables assets with innovative technologies and digital applications, showcasing a significant portfolio of successful projects. 

Our vision is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world.



  • Site Identification and Assessment
  • Consulting Services (Energy Study, Feasibility Study, Technical Due Diligence)
  • LCOE Optimization
  • Project Evaluation and Mapping


  • Design, Study, Permitting
  • Full EPC Services (Engineering, Procurement, Construction)
  • Project Management
  • Performance Testing & Commissioning

Asset Management and O&M

  • Real-Time Monitoring & Troubleshooting.
  • KPI and Reporting
  • Preventive/Corrective Maintenance & Inspections

Repowering & Retrofitting

  • Repower & Retrofit Check
  • Mitigate power degradation
  • Boost Project Performance
  • Revamp Project to New Regulatory Guidelines


  • Various PPA structures to address individual investors needs
  • Guarantee Energy Off-taking Outside Auctions 
  • Extend Project Lifetime after Statutory Subsidy

(PPAS offered by WATT+VOLT)

RES Aggregation

  • Production measurement data collection of customer’s RES production station by the SCADA system and full reporting services
  • Forecast of hourly production of customer’s RES station
  • Bids Submission of the produced energy in the pre-day (Day Ahead Market) as well as the Intra-day markets of the Hellenic Energy Exchange
  • Management of all procedures (measurements, pricing, settlement of cash flows etc.) and to the various market players regarding the participation into the Hellenic Energy Exchange

(RES Aggregation offered in conjunction with WATT+VOLT)

Energy Storage

  • Energy Storage Project Development 
  • Engineering, Procurement & Construction
  • Asset Management and O&M

Transmission & Distribution

  • RES T&D Installations
  • T&D Maintenance
  • Emergency Restoration



RES solar projects of several MWs full EPC projects (Engineering – Procurement – Construction) completed successfully by our inhouse team of engineers, project managers, technicians within Q1-Q2 of 2021, using the highest market standards.

Despite the Covid-19 restrictions, all projects were delivered on-time, within specs, budget and with zero health and safety incidents or implications.

Engineering services for 250MW solar projects and 210MWh energy storage projects, delivered by our experienced inhouse engineering team. We have the experience and ability to cover full detailed engineering services on several countries across the world, including studies at preliminary-construction-as built design stage

Assisting WATT+VOLT in becoming the leading CPO in Greece, we aim to install more than 500 EV Charging Stations within 2021.


Private Investors

We evaluate and execute from A to Z, partnerships through early-stage development, debt and equity financing till construction, execution and long-term ownership of energy assets. Once secured or acquired, ESC structures the debt and equity finance, then constructs the plants, and finally operates and manages the assets.

Commercial Operators

We develop, build and operate renewable power plants focusing on solar and energy storage projects. From early origination to an operating asset, ESC develops single projects, clusters or portfolios of assets (greenfield, partly or fully developed projects).

Investment Funds

We have the access for feasible energy projects to be funded through flexible debt and equity partnerships, so as projects can be developed and executed efficiently and quickly.

Our Group Strategy and Operations team is highly experienced in viable debt option in both bank and institutional markets and can adjust and achieve beneficial agreements in the complicated and fastmoving energy projects finance landscape. ESC can manage end-to-end project funding requirements and continue to innovate with industry leading asset finance products and energy off-taking solutions.



Our internal team identified, evaluated and executed detailed technical due diligence, environmental assessment and engineering design for Renewable and Energy storage projects all over Greece, mainly central and western Greece. Our plans include new collaborations and renewable projects evaluation across South-eastern Europe with target more than 1GW till end of 2022.


Within last year, we fully executed quality solar projects with any type of panels, inverters and mounting structure technology, terrain inclination, under time restrictions and tough conditions all over Greece. Our international-experienced team is able to deliver solar projects, maintaining the highest standards for the investor during EPC and O&M period. Our plans for 2022 include agreements for EPC services of more than 100MW.


Providing holistic installation solution for any type of EV chargers and understanding any type of construction type(domestic, commercial, industrial), ESC team is one of the leading, well-organized teams at EV Chargespot installation with more than 50 installation spots and plans for 300spots by end 2022.

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